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Green Lantern (2011) – Screen Savers

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight; Especially This Movie When it comes to members of the Justice League that I’m knowledgeable about, Green Lantern is somewhere between Elongated Man and the guy who works in the canteen. Green Lanterns whether it’s Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Alan Scott or Guy Gardner really never caught my attention. […]

Whachu Doin’ This Week… Lauren?

So, once again I’m going to sound like the most boring person ever because I’m sick again! Yay for my immune system, right? Yep, I’ve got a chest infection which means I’m staying indoors and taking my meds in order to be okay for MCM Dublin next week! Friday So tomorrow I’m going to spend […]

You Should Read… DC Rebirth!

A few months ago, Declan gave us a rundown on the opening events of DC Comic’s new line-wide event DC Rebirth. Now the event is a few months in and things have had time to gestate. Most of the relaunched titles have either completed their first arc, or are approaching the finish line. So, how have […]

Jared Leto Auditioned For 2011 Green Lantern Movie

Remember when Ryan Reynolds was Green Lantern? Apparently the casting could have been very different. In 2009, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper were reported to be auditioning for the part. However, Leto has never commented on the film or discussed any potential auditions. However, thanks to Bradley Cooper, we now have confirmation. Before introducing […]

DC Teases New Harley Quinn Design

You don’t need to be a comic book fan to know how popular Harley Quinn is. Her particular mix of a fun loving attitude and outright insanity can be seen everywhere in comics, games, movies and literally every nerd convention ever held. However, in their upcoming Rebirth event, DC comics is opting to redesign many […]

Green Lantern To Team Up With Connacht

In a surprising announcement, Lifestyle Sports have unveiled a special Connacht rugby jersey that heavily features the Green Lantern costume. Yay, sportsball! Connacht Rugby Green Lantern JerseyIt’s time to unleash your inner hero with Connacht Rugby. The new Green Lantern jersey is available for pre-order exclusively at Life Style Sports. Get yours now. Posted by […]

Arrow Season 4 May Feature Green Lantern

Marc Guggenheim, executive producer for Arrow, has shared a picture of Coast City, the fictional home of DC Comics’ superhero Green Lantern. It is a landscape shot of a seaside spot that features a pastiche of the Green Lantern Oath. Whether or not we meet Green Lantern in Season 4 is, of course, unknown. However […]

Style Saturday: Green with Envy/Pride

It’s almost time to celebrate our national holiday – St. Patrick’s Day! In honour of March 17th, I’m dedicating this Style Saturday to the one colour I wouldn’t touch with a 10ft barge pole – green! It’s the one tradition around the day I think a lot of Irish people (still living in Ireland) still […]