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Whachu Doin’ This Week… Lauren?

So, once again I’m going to sound like the most boring person ever because I’m sick again! Yay for my immune system, right? Yep, I’ve got a chest infection which means I’m staying indoors and taking my meds in order to be okay for MCM Dublin next week! Friday So tomorrow I’m going to spend […]

Gotham Season 3 Adds New Poison Ivy

Gotham has added another new cast member for season three – Maggie Geha will be replacing Clare Foley as the villain Poison Ivy. Clare portrayed the character of Ivy Pepper for the first two seasons of the Batman prequel show. The recasting of the character comes after an updated description for the character was released documenting the […]

Style Saturday: Needs More Glitter

Saint Patrick’s Day is gone and past, but for all you party animals that keep celebrating all week (or at least are using it as an excuse to go to the pub daily), I decided to do two festive looks that embrace this holiday and characters I love. Bear in mind they are not everyday […]

Style Saturday: Green with Envy/Pride

It’s almost time to celebrate our national holiday – St. Patrick’s Day! In honour of March 17th, I’m dedicating this Style Saturday to the one colour I wouldn’t touch with a 10ft barge pole – green! It’s the one tradition around the day I think a lot of Irish people (still living in Ireland) still […]

The Women of Batman

  DC announced that today would be Bruce Wayne’s day, a day to celebrate the history and the life (real or not) of one the most iconic heroes ever created, Batman, the Dark Knight. It’s important that we recognise all that he has done, despite being a fictional character Batman has inspired hundreds of thousands […]