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Review: Assassin’s Creed: Unity Co-Op



For a full review of the game, you can read Sean’s piece here – I’ll be focusing more on the co-op and ultiplayer features for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

So let’s start with the bad and finish with the good… the first thing that really annoyed me about this game was the fact that the multi-player was a massive failure at launch. It did not work for the first three weeks! This is by far the very worst launch I have ever experienced in gaming and it sure doesn’t look good on Ubisoft either (even though they are promising free content now as an apology) but there are still a serious amount of glitche; like being added into a game and then being on my own, stuck on a loading screen and having to restart the game and your online game being disconnected unexpectedly. This, has made the overall experience incredibly frustrating and to be honest kind of ruined the over all feeling for me.

With all of that said though I have plenty of good to say about this games great co-op features. The first thing that really stood out to me is that every co-op mission has its own video iassassins-creed-unity-screenshot-19ntroduction and actually tells quite good stories so it’s clear they put an awful lot of time and energy into this multi-player as opposed to just making it an extra mode you can play like the previous AC games.
The Co-op is incredibly well integrated into the game itself and is very easy to start-up and continue. It’s also very handy that whoever is hosting the game can continue doing their own things in their game with their friend as long as you are not in a mission, i.e. you can continue collecting your money or opening chests and so on. It is great that the whole single player world is open to Co-op as well and it’s not just a separate entity. Better still is that obviously from reading the above you also keep everything from single player in your Co-op missions and also anything gained continues on in your single player game too. You can also repeat missions to earn better rewards with each mission offering three different rewards. S
ome missions also have criterias such as ‘do not be detected’ and by following these you can gain either the top reward or else a bonus reward for completing the mission. Another note worth taking notice of is the fact that now with 2-4 assassins each mission even if replayed can turn out completely different each time. There is also several ways to complete the same mission. So if you finish all your missions and still want to play more you can without it being to repetitive.

Another great aspect of the online play in Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the two extra games that they have added to its online mode. The first being the Initiates built in application. This basically gives you a ranking and when you level up it opens up another treasure box in your game. As well as this you and your team mates can check out your competition and if you assassins_creed_unity_assassin_customiser_onlinehave a group you can check out where you rank against other groups world-wide. You also earn rewards in-game for being a certain level with the Initiates. For example at level one you get a whole new outfit to equip to your assassin. This brings a whole new level of competition and a whole load of extras for you to do. This is great if your like me and have to complete games 100%. This means the games can last you months (if you’re not to good that is).

Any finally but by no means least we have the Assassin’s Creed: Unity Companion app. This is for mobile phones. It enables you to again do mini missions on your phone that count towards your games progress to. For example playing certain missions and achieving certain levels opens up more treasure chest for you as well as bonus content. The phone app is almost a mini game in itself and can give countless hours of fun. You can also see all your single player markers on the interactive map. It tells you what missions you have, what mission you are currently on, where your character is currently standing. This for me was actually amazing because of how well it was integrated into your game and if you’re a fan of completing games to 100% this will keep you going for weeks and months!

An amazing game with lots to offer but unfortunately I just couldn’t… Connect 6.5/10