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Four DC Movie Domain Names Registered


Warner Bros. are starting to really ramp up the excitement for their Justice League properties, even though we’re still two years away from the first installment. Shazam, Aquaman and a Wonder Woman film have all been all but confirmed, and now from comicbookrecources, it looks like thy’re on the cusp of being announced.
These three and Justice League have all just gotten their own domain names online courtesy of Warner Bros. So Shazammovie.com, WonderwomanTheMovie.com, JusticeLeagueFilm.com and AquamanMovie.com all exist and are awaiting content from WB. Wonder Woman will of course be Gal Gadot, while Jason Momoa teases his involvement as Aquaman. Dwayne Johnson is confirmed to be in the Shazam film, but his role right now is unknown. Zack Snyder will be handling the direction of the Justice League sequel, but no big names have been tied to the other projects just yet.