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Godzilla and the Kaiju

Godzilla and the Kaiju


20140226-194333.jpgThe first official Godzilla trailer with actual footage was released the other day and it already looks like theres a lot more than just Godzilla going in here. How many monsters will be in the new Godzilla movie? Gareth Edwards, director of the new Godzilla movie has said that most of the film will be based on the 1954 original film, so it’s not too big a leap to assume that a Godzilla reboot would have additional Kaiju.

Edwards has long been teasing the idea of multiple monsters: “I’d like to see a Godzilla movie where there are other creatures. And I’m the director of the film, so make of that what you will.” Looks like Edwards is finally getting his way.

This new trailer is packed with what look like potential Kaiju sightings. But the thing is, while Toho productions gave Legendary Pictures the rights to Godzilla, did they up the rights to other classic Toho monsters? So while we might get other monsters, are they they the same monsters or all new variations for the movie? Then again, Toho is also distributing the Godzilla reboot in Japan, so why the hell wouldn’t they use their own roster. They very well could have granted Legendary Pictures rights to all the monsters, but kept the actual roster a secret for now, to make it a surprise when the time comes. (Which we hope is true.)

So with all the doubt and ambiguity surrounding the chance of other Kaiju let’s take a look at a few pieces from the trailer and see what we can uncover.

 Inside the rib cage of another unnamed Kaiju. This already tells us that the big G isn’t the only one knocking about.

During a shot of epic damage to the Las Vegas strip some people are claiming we can see The Shobijin. There are definitely two figures in this crushed building alright but they wouldn’t be tiny. At least not tiny enough. The Shobijin are two (usually tiny) priestesses or fairies who hang around and can call Mothra over great distances. Does that mean one of these big bads is Mothra? Or is this just a cool nod? Either way if it is it’s pretty cool.


And then what the hell is this thing? Looks almost like eggs in slime all along a giant bullet/bomb right?Or a tentacle? MUTO eggs from a kind of spidery kaiju? One guess is the bomb ‘tests’ in the pacific back in the 50’s inadvertently helped these Kaiju along.


OK, something with wings? It comes crashing straight down from sky. Along with a bunch of truly unfortunate jets before it plunges into the ocean. Some are under the impression that this could be Rodan and that those are the tips of its wings entering the Ocean. So that would be a swimming and flying Rodan, which I’m told has happened before.


Then there’s this Kaiju who seems to have a talon-like claw thingee. Maybe a sweet new version of Gigan? The half cyborg Kaiju. Maybe. It could be a wholly original beast as well. Or one of the spider-like kaijus from earlier?


So what do you guys think? Are we getting other Kaiju in Godzilla? If we are, are we getting some old favourites?