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News: Pokémon X and Y Mechanic Changes!

News: Pokémon X and Y Mechanic Changes!


After a Japanese interview with GameFreak, some interesting points relating to Pokémon X and Y game mechanics were revealed. Without them being 100% confirmed, these changes are extremely interesting nonetheless! With Pokémon X and Y being released in less than a month, we’re bringing you all the info we can!

1. Pokémon will gain experience when the wild Pokémon is caught. Remember those battles with level 70 legendaries that you spent an hour trying to catch without even 1xp to show for it? Not anymore!

2. Sky Battles are going to be exclusively limited to flying type Pokémon and Pokémon with the levitate ability. Certain moves won’t be usable, which we can safely assume will be ground type moves.

3. There is an adjustment to the inheritence system of breeding. It’s unconfirmed what it’s going to be, unfortunately.

4. Ghost Pokémon will not be affecting by moves like Shadow Trap, which will allow them to freely escape from wild battles.

5. The item Exp Share will now revert to the Gen I item, Exp All. This means that every member of your party will gain experience from battles, rather than one selected Pokémon. This is a really great change, as it’s been said that the experience won’t be split and decreased. Apparently, the Pokémon who fought the battle will receive 100% of the experience, with the rest of the party each gaining 50%.

6. When distributing new moves and ability, new Pokémon were given priority. 

7. The CGI in Pokémon X and Y will be different to that of ‘Pokémon Stadium’ and ‘Pokémon Battle Revolution’, as those games strived to achieve realism. Since X and Y is a hand-held game, a lot of younger players will want it, so the battle styles were made ‘cuter’.

8. The standard selection process for Pokémon to be Mega-Evolvable is based on three points: visual looks, popularity and game balance. I find this one interesting, as I’m not sure how giving Garchomp a Mega-Evolution helps game balance!

9. It’s been said that a Mega-Evolution will elevate the Pokémon to near-legendary level, so you’re limited to having only one Mega-Stone in your party.

10. The timing to Mega-Evolve will be selectable.

11. Some moves, with focus on special ones, have had their accuracy and power revamped. 

I’m really hoping these points do ring true, as in my opinion, they’re all great changes to the gameplay and show a keenness on GameFreak’s part to breathe some new life into the series and not just rehash the same old formulas.