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News: Empire TARDIS State Building

News: Empire TARDIS State Building


“The Doctor has visted NYC many times over the years, most recently earlier this season. Now NYSciFi & Fantasy (www.NYSciFi.com) wants to bring NYC to The Doctor to celebrate! We are attempting to partner with the Empire State Building (www.esbnyc.com) to make this happen.  Help show just how popular this show is by signing the petition and sharing the link.”

As Whovians we already know that TARDIS is huge/massive/gigantic on the inside but what if it was (Yes, I’m aware of the Chameleon switch) it looked just as big on the outside? Well the folks over NYSciFi want to do more than just imagine it, they want to turn the Empire State Building, one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, US and probably the world, blue using lights and create a TARDIS like no other to commemorate the 50th Anniversary and remarkable achievement of longest running Sci-Fi show in the history of television!

If you want to back the team, they are asking for signatures and you can add your name to a rapidly growing petition by clicking here!

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