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All Stars Battle Royale App

All Stars Battle Royale App


We’re excited about the launch of All Stars Battle Royale this week and we’ve just been told there is a handy new app for all potential contenders! If like us you like to stay ahead of the game, cram as much knowledge into your brain as you possibly can and use anything to beat the other players around us… sometimes does this involve actually beating the other person with the controller!

Thankfully though we may not have to sink that low with a deadly little app from an Irish gamer who is helping us all gear up for the game!


“A handy app for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale to help you through the game.

PlayStation All Stars Unofficial Companion App is all you need to learn about characters, special moves, stages, trophies and anything All Star related all in 1 easy app.PlayStation All Stars will release from November 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita and will bring crossover fighting of 1st and 3rd party characters.

Expect any DLC announcements, cheats, strategies etc in future updates.”

You can download the FREE App by clicking the link here!