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Ben Kingsley vs. Robert Downey Junior!

Ben Kingsley vs. Robert Downey Junior!


While the hype is focused on Avengers, just around the corner. A new challenger has appeared, Ben Kingsley has been in talks to play the villain in Iron Man 3. Nothing is confirmed yet, and no other details have been release except Robert Down Junior will be Iron Man. 

But the real question is who would be play if he was cast? Well the obvious money will go to the Mandarin, or whatever new non-horribly racist stereotype name they will have to call him. Recently in the comics he has been refered to mostly as Tem Borjigin.

But who else could he play.

The Ghost? Maybe that could work, we could get a nice clash of philosophies being Kingley and Tony Stark.

The Voice of Fin Fan Foom (if the Mandarin features it will probably be a safe bet the space dragon will show up too)

Kang the Conqueror!

Once I thought of this one I became totally incapable of thinking of anyone else and will now start a campaign to have Ben Kingsley play Kang! Kang is a being from the 30th Century who set his desires on controlling the past. While he is often at odds with the Avengers itself, Iron Man 3 could introduce Kang trying to take over Start Industries and when he is defeated, decides to take over Earth entirely for revenge. Leading into Avengers 2 being a movie version of the “Kang Dynasty” storyline from 2001. I know this is just the pipe dream of one geeky fanboy, but stranger things have happened.

Kingsley is currently at work on the adaptation of classic sci-fi novel Ender’s Game, which will find him starring alongside Hugo’s Asa Butterfield, Abigail Breslin and Harrison Ford with a release date of November 2013.