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Touchdown Wars – Updates

Touchdown Wars – Updates


If you missed it last week then be sure to check it out now! We brought you an up and coming project called ‘Touchdown Wars‘, brought to us by RivalStudios! Since we first covered the game, the gang have been hard at work and we’ve got some interesting updates for you! Here’s the first:

How does it all work?

“This update is not so much about the art or how the game works.  Well, I guess it is kind of how the game works in a way.  I remember building my first website back in ’95. I realized then that it was pretty easy to do, but it was pretty difficult to do well.  Nowadays the same holds true but in a slightly different manner (with the proliferation of things like Java, Flash, HTML5, etc).  A browser based game requires a lot more than just simply an understanding of HTML and a server to host it on.  Games like Touchdown Wars require back-end resources like database servers, application servers, and game engines (names may vary).  And all of these resources have to to work in harmony much like a symphony.  But that is not really the difficult part.  The difficult part to building a site, or in this case a game, is building it to handle a massive scale.  And even scaling is only partially the challenge.  The true challenge is scaling intelligently based on user demand.

So, to address these challenges, we are approaching this with a two prong attack (sorry, love using that phrase).  We are building Touchdown Wars to scale by leveraging cloud technology.  Ahh yes, the latest and greatest of buzzwords.  But in truth, the cloud allows us to offload resource requirements somewhere else.  With veteran programming leadership, we have designed Touchdown Wars to be modular enough and scalable enough that we can use a cloud service to scale or grow our site as demand requires and then retract resources as demand changes or dips.

This image is a pretty good representation of what I am referring to.

But not to worry, we are not putting all of our “eggs” in one basket.  The second prong of this, to keep with the analogy, is to leverage a physical infrastructure as well.  This balance between physical and cloud brings the best of both worlds to us and will allow Touchdown Wars to scale as necessary while maintaining sufficient redundancy.”

The second update is the design for the homepage and we have to admit, it’s all looking very snazzy:

If you’d like to pledge your support and get behind ‘Touchdown Wars’ then click here to donate to the Kickstarter Project!