Goodbye Moonmen Living Tombstone Remix- Track of the Day


Any fans of Rick and Morty no doubt remember the amazing song Goodbye Moonmen. Delivered with the amazing vocals of Jemaine Clement as Fart, the song really fit the psychedelic cosmic feel of the show. Using a vocal style similar to Bowie, Fart portrays a world of endless possibility and beauty. However, the song has just received one heck of an upgrade!

The Living Tombstone Youtube channel has remixed countless theme songs. Ghostbusters and Cuphead are just a few theme songs to receive incredible covers. In this case, Goodbye Moonmen has become an exhilarating club tune. Led by the vocals of Blake Smith (ShadyVox), the remix features a really nice dubstep-style beat but sacrifices none of the original’s soul.

The echoing sound and stronger beat really emphasises the wonder and mind-blowing qualities of Fart’s song. If anything the speed and intensity of the song matches better with the hallucination-based effects of the song projected into Morty’s head.

What do you think? Does it hold a candle to the original? Let us know in the comments!

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