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Screen Savers – Alien³ (Alien Cubed)

Alien 3, or Alien Cubed as I often call it, is my least favourite Alien film. And this includes AVP and actually… wait… AVP Requiem could be worse, I apparently just unblocked memory of that film. Well if nothing else, Requiem was technically horrendous in that you can barely see what’s happening throughout the film, […]

New Alien: Covenant Behind The Scenes Info

Yet again the Sci-Fi gods have decided to give us some more information on the upcoming Ridley Scott movie, Alien: Covenant, a follow up to his 2012 Alien prequel, Prometheus. The highly anticipated prequel sequel stars Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Danny McBride. We have recently found out that McBride will be playing the pilot of the colonisation ship Covenant. The Alien […]

Top 5 Precious Plush Pals

Not quite ready to get out of bed yet? Quite understandable, it is Saturday morning after all! So snuggle up tightly to some of these fluffy friends and grab some extra Zs. Calcifer  Don’t let Calcifer get you hot headed (get it?) while preparing your breakfast. Instead, hug tight this plush version of possibly the world’s […]

H. R. Giger, Artist Behind Alien, Passes Away

H. R. Giger, the surrealist artist whose creations helped spawn the eponymous Alien films, has passed away aged 74 from injuries sustained in a fall. Giger, who was born Hans Rudolph in an Eastern Swiss town of Chur in 1940, became an artist from a relatively early age after having studied architecture and industrial design. […]