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Story Trailer for Far Cry 4

Find out more about Far Cry 4’s story in this brand new trailer from Ubisoft! You are travelling to Kyrat to fulfill your mother’s dying wish when suddenly you find yourself caught in the middle of a civil war between the Golden Path and the tyrant Pagan Min. But in order to win this fight, […]

ArcadeTV: The Novelist

  Can a person follow their dreams while remaining connected to those they love? There are no statements here, only questions. The answers are always personal, and ultimately yours to decide.As a big fan of a good story I decided to check out Kent Hudson’s ‘The Novelist’. Juggle a career, a wife and family in […]

Beyond Refrigerators IV: The Matrix is a GOOD Movie

"One of the greatest charms of sci-fi and fantasy fiction in particular is the freedom the author possesses to custom-build a suitable world to host their story. However, the author remains a product of the real world. The audience they are speaking to are also a product of the real world. Therefore, all created worlds are related to our world through the humanity of the mind behind the story."