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Beyond Refrigerators VI – May The Odds Be (n)Ever In Your Favour

Feminism began simply by taking seriously the revolutionary notion that women are human, yet it has continued to evolve into so much more. At its core, modern feminism is a philosophical movement that attempts to identify the origins of our assumptions and test them for truth.

Beyond Refrigerators V – Why not Zoidberg?

Part V of the Beyond Refrigerator Series: Why not Zoidberg? "As I am the author-narrator to the story of my life, so are you to yours. If stories are how we make sense of nonsensical reality, then sharing them is how we connect, each to each. The ability to control a story by assigning meaning to experience is most simply called authority."

Beyond Refrigerators IV: The Matrix is a GOOD Movie

"One of the greatest charms of sci-fi and fantasy fiction in particular is the freedom the author possesses to custom-build a suitable world to host their story. However, the author remains a product of the real world. The audience they are speaking to are also a product of the real world. Therefore, all created worlds are related to our world through the humanity of the mind behind the story."

Beyond Refrigerators III No Man is an Island

No Man Is An Island   Well, except when he’s having a bath. An adult male may not be a landmass surrounded by water, but we all begin life as tiny human babies blank even of language, and we spend a lifetime building our world from the ground up. Childhood is a never-ending quest for […]

Beyond Refrigerators II

To boldly go where no Trekkie has gone before! The power of roles, identity and labels goes under the microscope as we continue our Beyond Refrigerators series. Part II: The Cake...is a pie!

Beyond Refrigerators I

Once upon a time, in a land far far away… Or rather, a while back in the real world, the people began to notice a disturbing pattern popping up in fictional stories. Female characters kept being killed off or tortured in gratuitously shocking ways, called “fridging” after one rather infamous example. Not just another lazy […]