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Battlefield V Has Been Delayed EA Confirms

Originally scheduled for an October release, Battlefield V has been, in brief, delayed. In a statement EA confirmed the news that the World War II inspired shooter would not make it’s original October 19th release date. It’s now aiming for November 20th, a full month later, in order to fine-tune the game. “With the Open Beta just […]

Halo VS Call of Duty

Ever wondered what would happen if Master Chief burst into your bedroom and started attacking you? Well, YouTuber RackaRacka and his friends found out the hard way! Thankfully, though, they’re not completely unarmed! Check out the video below, and ignore some of the language used; we hope it’s a joke on the stereotypical gamer, it […]

Nintendo Direct May 7th Splatoon Special

The next Nintendo Direct, scheduled for May 7th is going to be a lot more colourful with the episode being dedicated in part to upcoming third person shooter, Splatoon. The promotional campaign is in full swing for this one and everyone at Arcade HQ is kind of excited for this one. “Splatoon is a wild new […]

Review: Star Troll

Before we get started let me just say, I don’t use my phone for video games. This is primarily because there are very little good video games on the App Markets but I have had Star Troll  for little under a week now and thanks to its addictive game play and varied boss battle design I […]

At a Glance: Titanfall Beta

Welcome to “At a Glance”, where first impressions of a title mean everything! Today things are a little different as we are looking at a game currently in development via an open Beta. All criticism is not final or towards the final product, just from the Beta. So without delay, ladies, gentlemen and lumbering humanoid […]

Review: Dead Space 3

Five years ago the first chapter in the Dead Space series began, in 2008 gamers were refreshed with a new horror. So here we are in 2013 and the third instalment has been released to the public but after five years does it still have what it takes to entertain and scare us?