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Review: Star Troll


Before we get started let me just say, I don’t use my phone for video games. This is primarily because there are very little good video games on the App Markets but I have had Star Troll  for little under a week now and thanks to its addictive game play and varied boss battle design I haven’t been able to stop.
This ruthless game is quite basic in design. You move across the screen, avoid the dark meteors, shoot the red ones to burst through them and you kill the Aliens. Seems simple enough, which, on paper, it is but in practice, with the insane difficultly, I find myself constantly dying before stage 2, but that may just be me since I’ve always been rubbish at phone games.

You pass a stage by beating one of nicely designed boss battle, though you are fighting the same boss every time it doesn’t feel repetitive since every time the boss shows up with a different set of moves, or more lives. 5Enjoyable boss battles are something I see very little of in mobile games generally so it’s nice to find them in such large quantities here.The times that I have manged to conquer the Stage 2 mark it felt like a survival game as much as a shooter, avoiding the overwhelming amount of obstacles coming my way while simultaneously gunning down the hoards of alien monsters coming my way, tearing through the ridiculously difficult levels that keep dragging me back.
Star Trolls graphics give the game a really welcoming retro shooter feel which makes the game to a degree. The friendly manner in which it is displayed created an illusion that was quickly crushed by the ruthless gameplay, there is nothing else to really say about them. They were just heartwarming to me for some reason.
There is nothing else I can really say about the game itself, it’s just really fun. In summary, Star Troll provides a smooth, interesting, retro feeling shooter with terrifically varied enemies, obstacles and boss battles with ruthless gameplay making for hours of rage and entertainment.
Star Troll is free and has no ads and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.