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Howard The Duck – Screen Savers

In 2017, when you say ‘Marvel movie’, you think of Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men or Deadpool. There was a time, however, when Marvel made what many believe to be a very bad movie. I am talking about the first ever live-action, feature length theatrical release of Howard the Duck in 1986. Technically speaking, Marvel Studios did not exist […]

Fateful Findings – Screen Savers

Fateful Findings may best be described as the greatest cult movie you’ve never heard of. As a film with even less self awareness than The Room, it sets a new bar for so-bad-it’s-good movies. Neil Breen, the man who serves as writer, director, producer and star, is a true visionary of the medium. We can only hope to one day […]

Arena (1989) – Screen Savers

Arena was released in 1989, directed by Peter Manoogian and made by Empire Productions. The company that also produced such classics as Re-Animator and Robot Jox. The film has only two and a half stars on IMDb and only one and a half on RottenTomatoes (well, 32%) but I enjoyed it, it earned four stars […]

Click (2006) – Screen Savers

Needless to say, these days movies featuring Adam Sandler carries a dark cloud over them. After his flourishing success in the nineties, recent times have hit the once famous comedian hard. Prepare yourself as I take you back to 2006, in a time when comedy hit that ‘awkward teen stage,’ in that it wasn’t quite typical […]