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Has X-23 Been Confirmed For Logan?

Plenty of infromation has been teased and released for Logan, the third Wolverine film, but has X-23 been confirmed by the filmmakers? The possible reveal comes from the official Instagram page where they post a picture of actress Dafne Keen with the caption “Laura”. Laura A post shared by @ wponx on Oct 23, 2016 at 7:23am PDT Why is […]

Professor X is a Wimp in this new Screencut

You would think that given is infinite capacity for patience in teaching his students how to use their powers would give Professor X the ability to cope with the real world.  He is a leader, cool under pressure, and can not only has he a brilliant mind, he can control minds. But when a 1970’s Charles […]

X-Men Days of Future Past: Meet Professor X

Name: Charles Francis XavierAlias: Professor XAbilities: Psionic powers. This makes him one of the strongest telepathic mutants. His powers enable him to read minds, project his thoughts and manipulate others thoughts by creating illusions and implanting suggestions. He also uses Cerebro to enhance his natural abilities and find other mutants to aid them in their lives.First Appearance: X-Men #1 […]

Days of Future Past – Teaser

This seven second clip features seven new seconds of footage from the forthcoming X-Men movie ‘Days of Future Past’ and it is blood pumping – expressive reactions from some of the characters with heart pounding music… yep this media campaign is in full swing and it’s doing well! Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain and hoarder […]