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The Beard In The Mirror Review

I love graphic adventures. It’s not the first time I’ve said it and it’s certainly not the last. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to play The Beard in the Mirror. I saw it was a point and click game and I found it interesting enough to review. The developers graciously gave The Arcade […]

Downfall – Review

Some years ago, I saw screenshots of a point and click game that caught my attention. Its name was Downfall, it had a grim atmosphere and it looked scary. So I played it and I found what was one of the most f*cked up games I had ever played. The original Downfall was published in […]

The Walking Dead: Michonne Ep. 2 And 3 Review

In recent years, certain video games have taken a firm stance on creating games centred around a theme or emotion, with parts of the indie scene acting as somewhat of a art house genre in gaming, creating games surrounding a tone or atmosphere to create an emotional response, seen in titles like That Dragon, Cancer or […]

Review: Read Only Memories

In recent years there has been somewhat of a growing infatuation of ’80s centric culture and media. From the explosion of vaporwave and synthwave music in the early 2000s to fan projects like Kung Fury attempting to desperately capture the style and aesthetic of the late 80s to early 90s. This fetishisation hasn’t stopped at […]