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Style Saturday: La La Lavishness

This weeks style saturday is celebrating the award winning movie that is La La Land. The romantic musical-comedy starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The movie follows the story of a jazz pianist who falls for an aspiring actress in LA. One thing I always admire about musicals are the outfits because they need to […]

Five Fabulous Musical Episodes

It’s always enjoyable to see our favourite characters step out of their usual scene and step into a pair of dancing shoes. They say your show isn’t complete without one episode dedicated to musical numbers. Today we’re going to look at five of the best musical specials and the stand out tracks they gave us. […]

Cat’s Meow: Catchy Cat Classic Tracks

Firstly let me say something on behalf of my fellow felines; it is a disgrace to humankind that there isn’t a single symphony written about us cats! Someone needs to rectify this soon or our hand will be forced into action! While there aren’t the symphony we’ve demanded down through the centuries these musical pieces […]