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Review: The Gamechangers

It’s a fairly safe bet that over 90% of people reading this will be familiar with, if not having directly played, the Grand Theft Auto game series. Just about everyone who’s familiar with the title will also be familiar with the various controversies surround the series and other productions by the studio behind it, Rockstar […]

Celebrate Independence Day With Grand Theft Auto!

What says Murica’ louder than a firework rocket launcher?  The Independence Special is a brand new limited-time update for Grand Theft Auto Online. Themed after 4th of July festivities, the pack includes over-the-top Vehicles like Monster Trucks and Captain America’s distinctive easy-rider motorcycle, excessive weapons like the Fireworks Launcher (no really!)  and a ridiculously over-powered musket and what would […]

Review: Grand Theft Auto V

These days it isn’t hard for a video game from a big name publisher/developer or even an indie developer to build some momentum and hype – in fact it has become second nature to most involved in the industry! Create some energy around your game and watch it spread like wildfire… if the market is […]

News: GTA Micro-Transactions

Murmurings have been spreading across the internet degrading micro-transactions for Grand Theft Auto online for the past few weeks, and now we finally know some solid facts. A statement issued on the Rockstar Blog states “You can either quickly accumulate cash through profitable activities like knocking over armoured cars, winning street races, doing stick-ups or […]