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Lucy Heartfilia Revealed For Fairy Tail Stage Play

Lucy Heartfilia, has been revealed for the upcoming stage version of Fairy Tail. A member of Team Natsu, the loyal (and obstinate) celestial wizard from the Fairy Tail guild will take to the stage portrayed by Ayu Manaka. The Fairy Tail manga, written by Hiro Mashima and published by Kodansha. The series tells the story of a world populated by wizards and the guilds […]

Style Saturday: Guild Threads

They often charge head first into battle without a thought about armor or protection (okay maybe Erza Scarlet does but that doesn’t count), regardless of the fact, the wizards of the Fairy Tail guild wear some pretty snazzy threads, practical or not. It got me think a little bit more about my own wardrobe and the […]

Natsu Dragneel Revealed For Fairy Tail Stage Play

The official Twitter account for the Fairy Tail live action stage play Live Fantasy Fairy Tail, has tweeted the first images of series protagonist and dragon slayer, Natsu Dragneel in the flesh. The popular manga/anime series Fairy Tail is set in the fictional world of Earth-land, a world with powerful wizards and their guilds. The series revolves one guild in […]

KaizokuCon To Host Voice Actor Cherami Leigh

In an official post on their Facebook, Cork based convention, KaizokuCon have announced that their first guest, Colleen Clinkenbeard was no longer able to attend but not ones to disappoint their attendees, the Convention have announced a new guest. Voice actor, Cherami Leigh, best known for her work on Anime shows like Fairy Tail (Lucy Heartfilia) Sword Art Online (Asuna) […]

Introduce Your Friend To: Anime

As someone who enjoys anime and has friends who don’t really watch it I find myself getting asked what I’m currently watching at the moment and if I have any recommendations for a series etc. If I happen to be indulging in anime at the time I find myself recommending a couple of  anime shows. […]