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Lucy Heartfilia VS Sailor Venus – Knockout – Winner

Lucy Heartfilia VS Sailor Venus – Knockout – Winner


After two weeks of voting and with 66% of the total vote, we declare Lucy Heartfilia, the winner of the Celestial Battle Knockout!


Voice actress Cherami Leigh is currently visiting Ireland and attending Cork’s Anime/Sci-fi Convention KaizokuCon as a special guest of honour. Her visit has got us thinking about some of her biggest and roles to date then it got Declan and Céire into a bit of nerd rage. They’re battling it out over perhaps two of Cherami’s most iconic character portrayals: Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon.

To settle the score once and for all as to who would win in a fight, both writers make their pitch and open it up to ‘Knockout’. The outcome and winner are decided by your vote after two weeks.

Lucy Heartfilia

Let’s make this clear from the start! Lucy Heartfilia is not the strongest fighter out there, she does not engage in direct combat. She’s aware of her limitations, her style of magic and it’s drawbacks. Does that mean she’s terrible in a fight?Lucy

No! It means the opposite!

Lucy Heartfilia is a celestial wizard who stumbles through life from one disaster to another usually thanks to Natsu and the gang at her guild, Fairy Tail. Listed as one of the most powerful guilds at the time of her joining, Lucy demonstrates pretty early on where her strengths lie in combat.

What Lucy lacks in physical strength she makes up for in intelligence and perseverance. Through the series she has found herself in battles against much more powerful and even deadly opponents.. Through it all though she remains calm and cool-headed,  reading her attacker, her environment and planning a strategy. Aside from her cunning and wit, Lucy also possesses the rare form of Celestial magic, channeling powerful spirits from the celestial realm into her own and commanding them in battle.

Amongst her keys, are the Zodiacs, special, rare keys that exhibit awesome power (and even more awesome personalities) and their power not withstanding, their devotion and loyalty to their master and friend, would see them lay down their very lives for her. The same is said for Lucy, when she exhausts all she has to save the life of her friend and guild member Loke. It’s during this moment we see the sheer determination and true power Lucy holds, summoning all of her celestial friends and calling down the Celestial Spirit King for an audience, earning his admiration and respect.

The key to Lucy’s power isn’t her magic or the celestial spirits that protect her, it’s her love for her friends and family. At all times Lucy has them at the forefront of her thoughts and actions, making sure everything she does is for their protection, well-being and happiness. Even if she to face off against Sailor Venus, I believe she possesses the strength and determination to protect all she holds dear and ultimately defeat Venus.

Lucy Heartfilia 1

Sailor Venus

Cherami Leigh has some serious heroines under her voice acting belt and I won’t pretend I do not fangirl every time I remember she has voiced one of my favourite villains Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking but in terms of heroines she has definitely set the bar. Lucy is pretty bad ass considering she is a wizard who can summon all these outrageous magical creatures to her aid but is she really that tough? She does get waylaid by a sneaky love spell in the very first episode.

No when it comes to our heroines you couldn’t get more iconic than one of the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon and Cherami voices one of the most powerful of the team; Sailor Venus.Sailor Venus 1

Sure Lucy has magic on her side but does she have planet based magical powers which are based around beauty and love, derived from the goddess of love, Venus? Nope! Not to mention the fact that Venus is the only of the inner scouts (bar Sailor Moon obviously) whose powers are not based on an element!

Oh and she is the princess of her own planet to boot.

In the anime Venus is the last Sailor Scout of the inner scouts to be ‘discovered’ and is already pretty powerful. Since awakening (she was the first to do so by the way), she has been doing her own thing, fighting the negaverse as Sailor V, protecting the world all on her own.

She is the de jure leader of the Sailor Soldiers and leader of their mission to protect Princess Serenity; no pressure there considering she is then under the leadership of the slightly awkward and disastrous Sailor Moon. With the exception of Sailor Moon she is the only Sailor Scout to have a furry companion, Artemis, who reveals that she was the first of the Sailor Scouts to have their powers awaken and he has been guiding her to meet them while taking on the negaverse along the way.

All the Sailor Scouts are a force to be reckoned with in a fight but Sailor Venus comes packing some major punches with her Crescent Beam or Crescent Beam Shower attacks which is like a power beam that can cut through any enemy . Unlike Lucy who relies nearly always on others to save her whether it be a fellow wizard or her powerful key creatures, Sailor Venus (except on the rare occasion where Sailor Moon needs some development) takes on the enemy head on. Wielding her Crescent Beam or hand to hand combat, she is clearly the stronger of the two.

So on all counts whether it is magic, personal or a test of strength itself Sailor Venus would clearly prevail in a one on one fight off against Lucy of the Fairy Tail guild.

Sailor Venus 2


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[Words, Declan Doody & Céire Ní Dhálaigh]