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Fable Anniversary Coming To PC

Fable Anniversary came out on Xbox 360 in February this year, and since then Lionhead Studios have been getting a little bit of feedback regarding where the game should go next. A new trailer has confirmed that the title will be hitting Steam sometime this year. This continues the slightly odd situation with Fable PC […]

'Fable: Anniversary' Launch Trailer

‘Fable: Anniversary’ is set to hit Xbox360 this February, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been a huge fan of the ‘Fable’ series since I played the first game, and I was a little unconvinced when I heard they were remaking the first game. I personally thought it wouldn’t be that much of a […]

Fable: Anniversary

I’ve been such a huge fan of the Fable series since it started. ‘Fable’ was my first and favourite game on the original Xbox, and when they brought out ‘Lost Chapters’, I couldn’t believe I was going to get to play ‘Fable’ all over again with so much new content! Fable II and III were […]