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Fable: Anniversary

Fable: Anniversary


I’ve been such a huge fan of the Fable series since it started. ‘Fable’ was my first and favourite game on the original Xbox, and when they brought out ‘Lost Chapters’, I couldn’t believe I was going to get to play ‘Fable’ all over again with so much new content!

Fable II and III were definitely weaker games. It was obvious they were trying to dumb down the gameplay, perhaps to attract a younger crowd. This was a major flaw in the games, in my opinion. The charm of ‘Fable’ was the exploration and interesting quests, but as the series progressed, the quests became a repetitive mixture of  ‘Go to a town and find me this book’ or similar actions.

Now, Lionhead Studios have made the best move they could have made; which is bringing out a totally revamped version of ‘Fable: Lost Chapters’.  We’re going to see some updated graphics and hopefully a little bit more game content. An added bonus would be throwing in a playable female character, which is something ‘The Lost Chapters’ lacked. I’m very interested to see what elements they’ll add into the game without Peter Molyneux involved.

All I’m saying for now is that I’m extremely excited for this, and you want to know the best part? It’s going to be available on Xbox360 instead of XboxOne.