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You Should Play… Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game from the game studio, Quantic Dream. It was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. The game released May 25th 2018 and began life as a short tech demonstration named ‘Kara’. The game itself is centered around 3 different protagonists named Kara, Markus and Connor. The storylines and endings […]

Jacksepticeye Meets Connor From Detroit: Become Human

Irish Youtuber and all round beloved internet personality Jacksepticeye sat down with Detroit: Become Human’s Connor. Connor, played Bryan Dechart is hilarious and steals the show from his host. Jack is presented with a CyberLife jacket and we’re totally jealous! Dechart offers the gaming Youtuber, a tutorial on becoming the perfect android partner. Check it out: Also […]

E3 2017 – Sony Press Conference

The Sony Press Conference was similar to last year’s, in which the show was mostly game after game video and was had some small dialogue interactions by Sony Executive, Shawn Layden. Although a brief show, at just over 60 minutes, the show was packed with gameplay videos and game announcements. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The […]

Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Sony’s E3 Press Conference kicked off with a live orchestra playing a mighty, booming soundtrack. After several minutes, the curtain raised on stage, as the theatre was plunged into darkness, to reveal a young boy playing with toys. A voice is heard telling the boy they are going hunting. From the darkness, a familiar figure, resembling a bearded Kratos, […]