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The Fade Out – Review

Now, more than ever, we’re aware of the background happenings of the opulent lives that the rich and famous are living. If they aren’t posting it on Instasnap or whatever, there’s some pervy paparazzo selling the information to the highest bidder. In The Fade Out, Ed Brubaker, Sean Philips and Elizabeth Breitweiser mix a little of James Ellroy‘s L.A. Confidential and Kenneth […]

The Fix – Review

Story by: Nick Spencer Art by: Steve Lieber Colours by: Ryan Hill Letters by: Nic J. Shaw Published by: Image What if you took buddy cop action and crime caper comedy and threw the two of them together? Mix in one half Lethal Weapon with one half Ocean’s Eleven, seeing the story from both sides. In The Fix, Nick Spencer manages to mix the two perfectly, […]

Style Saturday: Fashionable Minds

I’m binge watching crime shows like it’s nobody’s business! While I’m a sucker for Law and Order, The X-Files and even some CSI, I am quite particular about what shows I’ll watch over and over again. Helen Mirren portrays one of my favourite fictional detectives in Prime Suspect but as we all know the best TV is not made up of Oscar […]

Canadian Teen Imprisoned For Online Harassment

A Canadian teenager, linked to hacker group Lizard Squad, has been given a 16 month sentence for online harassment. According to Wesley Yin-Poole of eurogamer.net the convicted would contact victims: “via League of Legends or Twitter, then set to work harassing them if they declined his friend requests. He blamed his actions on boredom.”. The accused […]

Review: Detective 1945 #1

Take a war-addled lead character, put them in the firing range of post-World War II New York and have them investigate some of the most vulgar murders of the city. This is the simple outline of Detective 1945, a home-grown ongoing jaunt written by Lucy Shaw with art by Daryl _S_ and colours by Tommie […]

Man killed over PS4

22 year old Ikenna Uwakah was shot and killed after attempting to sell a PS4. Uwakah advertised online that he had a Playstation 4 for sale for the price of $600, the console retailed at $399 when it was launched in the US but demand saw it sell out with pre-orders taking preference. 21 year […]

News: Video Game Crime

It seems the press and mainstream media are turning their scornful gaze at video games once again! At the midnight launch for Grand Theft Auto V in Colindale North West London, a 23 year old man was “hit with a brick and stabbed” before having his copy of GTA V and other items that he’d […]