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Style Saturday: Fashionable Minds

Style Saturday: Fashionable Minds



I’m binge watching crime shows like it’s nobody’s business! While I’m a sucker for Law and Order, The X-Files and even some CSI, I am quite particular about what shows I’ll watch over and over again. Helen Mirren portrays one of my favourite fictional detectives in Prime Suspect but as we all know the best TV is not made up of Oscar award winners, it’s those shows that are made of pure trash.

One particular show has it in abundance – Criminal Minds. The FBI’s crack team known as the B.A.U., Behavioural Analysis Unit, profile and catch serial killers all across America, their personal lives and histories clashing with particular cases and criminals in each episode. What the show lacks in drama it makes up for with suspenseful shtick, splashes of gore and camp comradery and they don’t get shtickier or campier than Peneloper Garcia, technical analyst and Supervisory Special Agent Spencer Reid. The Doctor Who loving, crime solving, geniuses both stand out from their team, not only with their personalities and skills but for their appearances and style.

This week, I’m going to try capture their look with these outfits perfect for any wannabe crime stopper!

Penelope Garcia

Fun, flamboyant and brilliant, Penelope is key to the success her team enjoys and while she revels in stopping killers from doing harm, she is unable to immerse herself in the field. Surrounded by images of suffering, violence and death she offsets these gruesome facts and displays with colour and accessories and I’ve tried to keep that in this smart casual outfit.

Penelope Garcia

Colour is the main component in Penelope’s wardrobe. Some simple black straight legged pants matched with a sleek white shirt act as our base. Everything else we splash on in abundance. When piecing this ensemble together I wanted to keep it casual but not lose the professionalism and this is ideal from a more laid back office environment, where appearances are important but not individualism isn’t frowned upon. The yellow cardigan with sleeves rolled and a deep v-neck line allows for some eye-catching detail while not cramping the overall look. Some beet-pink converse dress up the pants but if you’re going for a smarter look you can swap these out for some dress shoes. The bow-tie is a nod to the character and her love for a certain Time Lord but it’s optional and the outfit works well with the tie on or off.

Lastly I wanted to add a little more fun and life to the piece but I didn’t want to weigh it down with too many accessories. This ‘Shark Classic’ watch adds just enough personality to the look without dominating the whole thing.

Shirt €18 Pants €20 Cardigan €14 Shoes €53 Watch €38 Bow Tie €23 (optional)

Total: €143 / €166 with the Bow Tie

Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid is the incarnation of the bookworm term and he wears it proudly. Spencer doesn’t betray that look when he steps into the office of the BAU staying true to himself with his choice of clothes and accessories. Smart and mature his look is indicative of his personality and intelligence but he doesn’t dress in a manner that would age him and while it’s professional, it’s still young.

This navy skater skirt matched with the button down shirt and charcoal waistcoat make this the perfect office ensemble or for those days when you want to pop into class with a little more… class! Now the weather isn’t ideal for this overall look and it won’t be for some time yet but if you want to carry it off then make sure you get yourself a a good pair of stockings.

Accesorise the ensemble with a black skinny tie and these comfortable vans and you’re ready to catch serial killers, stock the office printer or just tell the world how much you love your favourite show.

Shirt €14 Skirt €34 Shoes €40 Tie €36 Stockings €8 Waist Coat €41

Total €173