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Dublin GamerCon 2017 Lineup

It’s only a matter of days before Ireland’s largest and newest convention beings. Join 20,000+ gamers at Dublin GamerCon 2017 where there will be an array of events, panels, guests from popular YouTube stars, cosplayers, live music and most importantly – games, lots of games. There will be all the latest from the likes of Sony and […]

Whachu Doin’ This Week Nick?

Yo. This week has been a weird one for me. I’m impulsive and desperately seek novelty, so I took a bunch of notions about how I’m going to conduct myself this month. I’m not drinking, I’m on the Slow-Carb Diet, (thanks Tim Ferriss), and I’m writing a novel (NaNoWriMo). All of that’s happening for the […]

German TV Station Cancels eSports Broadcast Amidst Violence

German television company ProSieben has cancelled all of its eSports broadcasts following the string of violent acts occurring in Germany last week. A now-cancelled major broadcast was TBS’ ELEAGUE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches, which will still be available to watch on the 99Damage Twitch channel. 99Damage is a major news and fixture source for the German eSports community. Their commentators have […]

Opinion: Carpe Siege ‘Em

Since the beginning of this generation, publishers have been trying to figure out how to sell AAA multiplayer-only experiences to consumers. What’s been confusing to me about these games is if you look at most critical thought on them, the biggest complaints are always about how there isn’t enough to warrant a full price purchase. This argument […]