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Some Borderlands 3 News Likely To Hit PAX East

Gearbox Software have teased an upcoming announcement for March 28th. The cell shaded image found on their social media sites, is reminiscent of the art style of a certain Borderlands franchise. It’s based on a road sign and points to Boston Massachusetts, which will host PAX East between March 28th-31st. Another clue pointing to it […]

Playing Co-Op Games With Your Buddy

Nowadays gaming can be a massive solo effort or a life sapping multiplayer game played online. But what happened to playing co-op games? There was an abundance of games that saw you and your buddy or buddies team up to do a big gaming session of your favourite co-op game. Here are the usual steps of […]

Review: Borderlands 2

From surviving frozen tundras to storming forts crawling with blood thirsty maniacs, Borderlands 2 is pack and it's pulling out all the stops. So grab your gun, stock up on ammo and prepare to blast, fire and rampage your way through the colourful sequel. Check out our review here!