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Playing Co-Op Games With Your Buddy

Playing Co-Op Games With Your Buddy


Nowadays gaming can be a massive solo effort or a life sapping multiplayer game played online. But what happened to playing co-op games? There was an abundance of games that saw you and your buddy or buddies team up to do a big gaming session of your favourite co-op game. Here are the usual steps of some of my more memorable co-op sessions.

Picking The Game

As you will be playing this game(s) all day long, the right set of games are needed. The FPS that is Borderlands 2 was always high on the list, FIFA was a given and even Overcooked were all top picks for a day of gaming. But we’ll go with Borderlands 2 for this instance.

Game Day Means Beer Day

Not essential to everyone’s gaming marathon, but it was certainly part of our (myself and my housemate’s) all day gaming sessions. Some liquid refreshments were certainly needed. It made us play better, well it made us think we were playing better!

Play Begins

The game began. The seat setup is perfect and the TV is loud. You know the layout of the levels, the controller did everything you wanted and we are flying through all the obstacles, enemies, objectives or challenges in front of us. This is gaming bliss!

That One Bit

It’s all going so well, too well it seems. Then you hit the wall. That one bit of the game that sees one of us continue to fail or die. It was going so well. Frustration begins to set it. Why now? This could make or break the day. What should we do?

Break Time

It’s been ages since we began. Maybe a quick break will help? Some snacks and beers perhaps? Yes, that’s what’s needed.

Focus, We Can Do this

Snacks consumed, beers refilled and we have retrieved the controller(s) from wherever it landed in frustration from the last sitting. Focus, we can do this! We have to get to the last boss, as there isn’t much left in the game. No point giving up now.

We Did It

After hours of play, many deaths, loses or failures and many more beers on top, we stand over that last boss. Bullet ridden and the end game bonuses rewarded, the credits then role. We did it. “That was some craic, now what?”. We gaze upon the clock . . .

Oh No, It’s Late

Well that flew by. The day is gone and the realisation it’s early Monday morning has set in. We are only a couple of hours away from work. Ah sure, it’s only Monday, it was worth it. Until next time buddy!

So have you had all day gaming sessions with a co-op buddy? What co-op games did you play on gaming marathons? Let us know.