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BB-8 Goes On An Adventure – Gif Essay

With the news that the next installment of Star Wars will be filming right here in Ireland, you can be sure that there are plenty of locations and exotic locales for our protagonists to explore. But what of everyone’s favourite teeny tiny gyrating droid, BB-8? What if he happens to run into a terrifying obstacle such […]

BB-8 Gets The LEGO Treatment

When you think LEGO and BB-8 the first thing that comes to mind is there is no way that LEGO can capture or possibly even recreate this spherical little guy! Well no one would blame you for thinking but the team over at Bright Bricks were able to build the life size LEGO version from Star Wars: […]

Security Threat Can Turn BB-8 To The Dark Side

It has been announced recently that Sphero’s BB-8 appears to have a security risk after a firmware update was pushed through. The firmware update has inadvertently given people the ability to hijack your droid. The update is done over insecure HTTP without the use of SSL. With the BB-8 being controlled through a smartphone app […]