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Back Issues: Chilling Christmas Crackers

Christmas is a time of cheer, worship and togetherness among friends and family. The finer points of the holiday are illustrated beautifully in the sentiments we share each year with jolly dispositions and shimmering decorations displayed for all to see. It is a quiet time. A time of comfort where nothing could possibly go wrong. […]

Back Issues: Asinine Antagonists

In the words of King Arthur of Disney’s Sword in The Stone, “For every high, there is a low. For every to there is a fro.” The best heroes you will find in comics are those who have a constant reactive force of evil pushing their deeds of valor down with their malicious intent. A […]

Back Issues: Dangerous Dames

This week, Dynamite announced a brand new look and direction for some of their classic pulp fiction characters and (after I got over the excitement) it got me thinking. Women’s place in comics has always been a topic for conversation but over the past couple of years it’s noticeably improved. Not only are there more […]

Back Issues: Comic Classrooms

Well, it’s that time of year again, back to school season. It may seem monotonous and boring but some of the best stories happen at school! This week I thought we’d have a look at some great comic book schools. Hopefully they’ll ease the pain of going back, make you nostalgic for your school days […]

Back Issues: Captivating Covers

Browsing the shelves at your local comic haunt can be incredibly soothing, and although you may not be able to stop yourself from picking up an issue or two, sometimes it’s enough just to admire the sometimes stunning covers that don our favourite titles. This week for ‘Back Issues’, I’ll be discussing the power of […]

Back Issues: Love Laboured

Believe it or not I’m a huge romantic at heart. I love love! This isn’t going to be some soppy, Cecelia Ahern, touchy feely nonsense! Love is as terrifying as it is beautiful, a burden that can weigh you down just as much as it lifts you up. Comic books have offered readers a look […]