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Forgotten Childhood – Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

I love Batman. Who doesn’t, right? He’s a great hero. In the last few years, The Internet  (hello, you!) has loved to talk about how he’s the hero of an adolescent, how he’s an emotionally stunted, selfish sociopath who takes his problems out on poor people. That way of looking at Batman got a lot […]

X-Men Series Legion About Character and Hope

In case you hadn’t heard, Legion is a new X-Men T.V. series on the FX network. “Why do we need more X-Men?” You might ask. The X-Men are awesome and as an intellectual property they have heaps of potential for amazing storytelling. That’s why. Also, do you really want to wait years for another three […]

‘The Glow’ – Big Data (feat. Kimbra) – Track Of The Day

I had no idea who Big Data was up until recently. Spotify sends me music every week. I walk around thumbing the shuffle button and waiting for something to stick. This song stuck.This band, as it turns out, is the brainchild of an American music producer called Alan Wilkis. Described by the website, Big Data […]

Chicken Kraken Raiding Party – Comicphiles

This was an eclectic week for issue ones – we had a sea-beast, a space-chicken, and a motley fantasy crew. I can’t bring myself to sift though the reboots and rebirths and re-re-returns and all of the mirror-house continuity of mainstream comics, so I went indie again. It was worth it (again!)  Aegisteel #0 (Outland […]

Images Of Samuel L. Jackson In Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Released

Samuel L. Jackson is in the new Tim Burton movie, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. While an odd pairing, Tim Burton fans should be pleased with the revelation as Samuel L. Jackson generally makes whatever he’s in much better. I mean, what would Snakes On A Plane have been without him? Not as good. […]

RePlay – Deus Ex

Deus Ex is one of the greatest games ever. It’s as simple as that. If you’ve played it already and agree with me, then we’re friends. Read on and favourably compare your opinion with mine. If this article is your first encounter with one of the finest examples of a medium – go get yourself […]

Alfa Beach – Com Truise – Track Of The Day

  If you’re anything like me, a good piece of art grips you and sometimes another one fuses with it. One takes you back to the other and you can’t separate them. This is the case for me with the album In Decay by Com Truise. If this is your first encounter with the man, […]

New Doctor Strange Images

Marvel Studios are ramping up promotion of Doctor Strange. The movie is out in about three months, so we will see more of a press push in the coming months. Our two new images give us a taste of the digital effects for the magic and show off inception-like visuals. We here at The Arcade […]

You Should Play… Mass Effect Trilogy

The first place I go when I’m stressed out is space. I should clarify – when I need to escape life for a bit, space stories are my favourite. Blade Runner, Alien, Interstellar, The Martian. Philip K. Dick stories, Ian M. Banks novels – I devour that stuff. Games-wise, maybe you’ve played FTL (Faster Than […]

Cops Hunting Snotty Girls – Comicphiles

Looking for new comics to read? We’re here to help! For this week’s Comicphiles I decided to go with another scattershot approach. Judging only by the covers, I picked three comics I’d never heard of before at all. The feeling of picking up something totally unfamiliar and being sucked in – that was my goal. I […]