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Monster Hunter Movie Gets Release Date

The upcoming Monster Hunter movie from Sony and Capcom starring Mila Jovovich has been announced to release on September 4 2020. Paul Anderson (Jovovich’s husband) will direct the film. The two have also worked together on the Resident Evil franchise, which may not instil a lot of confidence in anyone looking forward to Monster Hunter. Hellboy‘s […]

Final Fantasy XV Final DLC Release Date

Square Enix has announced that March 26 will be the release date for the final chapter of Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ardyn. Episode Ardyn will focus on the antagonist 35 years prior to the actual events of the game. Like the other DLC episodes, this instalment will have its own gameplay elements to tie […]

Halo: Master Chief Collection Announcement at Championship Series

With the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection 4 years ago, 343 Industries have been committed to improving the game with one of the latest updates improving how aiming feels in some of the older titles to keep them feeling more modern. The latest news regarding the game though will be announced during the […]

Ni No Kuni To Get Animated Film

The well received RPG from developer Level 5, Ni No Kuni is to get an animated film based on the game. The game was praised for its beautiful art which was clearly a result of their collaboration with Studio Ghibli. Director for the project will be Yoshiyuki Momose who has directed some shorts and commercials for […]

H1Z1 Still Battling in the Battle Royale Space

H1Z1: Battle Royale is dropping a new update on February 21. This update will add a new Deathmatch mode, a Battle Pass and some Quality of Life changes also. The new Deathmatch mode is a free for all mode consisting of 50 players. The first to 25 kills wins and re-spawns will be instant in the […]