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‘Atomic Dog’ – George Clinton – Track Of The Day

I’m a big James Brown fan but I also love hip hop and with one little drum break (@5:20), studio musician Clyde Stubblefield became responsible for almost half my entire music collection. If I could select a song responsible for the other half its ‘Atomic Dog’ by George Clinton. Already a living legend thanks to Funkadelic […]

Titanic; Just Let It Sink – Screen Savers

I’ve only seen Titanic once in my life. It was in 1997 in Santry. I remember it very well because for the first time, with absolute certainty, I could say I had a least favourite film. Yes, I was only a teenager but I was very much a film fanatic. Our house had hundreds of movies […]

‘Legacy’ – The Gone Jackals – Track Of The Day

Lucasarts made many great Puzzle Adventure games in the 80’s and 90’s but the best of them all was Full Throttle. This year sees the release of a remastered version which is excellent but in truth it barely needs it as the visuals, acting and music remain as great today as it did in 1995. Part […]

‘SpyHunter 2001’ – Saliva – TOTD

The 1983 arcade classic Spy Hunter was about a car that turned into a boat and blew up baddie cars. It was a huge success and thanks to a remarkable port to the Atari 2600 became an icon of the early 80’s. Henry Mancini‘s theme tune for the private eye tv show Peter Gunn served as […]

Whatchu Doin Dave? Oscar Winners That Deserved It

I ain’t been doing much in the way of watching, reading or playing anything interesting. What I have been doing a lot lately is disagreeing with people about the Oscars. Around this time of year the same lists get trotted out about how Academy Awards were given to movies that didn’t deserve them. This is […]

Manga Video Trailers – Otaku Review

Hey ho. Your regular anime expert Céire is indisposed today leaving everything wide open for this old fart to chat about the wonders of, what was once called, Japanination. Why am I using that dated and vulgar term only a fraction of people remember? Because that’s exactly what I’m going to write about; an old […]

Irish Ads That Encapsulate Everything About Irish Telly

Should you decide to move abroad, what else could you miss more than ads for stuff on TV? For decades expats would say “Yeah, I can’t speak to my Ma as much as I’d like but I’d give anything to hear that jingle again”. Well thanks to YouTube those days are over. Here are some of […]

‘L’empire du Côté Obscur’ – IAM – TOTD

I like French rap. I also like Star Wars. What happens when we mix the two? Only one of the most badass songs ever by the legendary group IAM. Formed in Marseilles in the late 80’s, IAM were already a platinum selling group when they released L’École du Micro d’Argent (School of the Silver Mic) in […]

Whachu Doin’ This Week Dave?

I used to watch The Fast Show regularly. Then I stopped liking it for some reason. Now I’ve rediscovered the sketches thanks you YouTube and find myself laughing at them again. It’s been a great week for getting reacquainted actually. Permit me to tell you about it in the style of The Fast Show’s Jesse. […]

I’m Through With Love – Goldie Hawn – TOTD

Looking at all the promotional material for Damien Chazelle’s La La Land was bothering me. Not because I thought it looked bad but it kept reminding me of something but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what. Then this morning it hit me. In 1996 Woody Allen wrote and directed a great musical called Everyone Says I Love […]