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PS Plus Games For September Have Released

PS Plus Games For September Have Released


Some hefty titles come to PS Plus subscribers this month, as you can become the Dark Knight or a Horesmen of the Apocalypse.

Batman Arkham Knight

Gotham is being overrun with some of the biggest and baddest villains in Batman’s rouge gallery, but the appearance of a mysterious masked figure called the Arkham Knight, creates a new challenge for the Caped Crusader. Play through Rocksteady’s third main outing of Batman, as you use your combat prowess, array of gadgets and detective skills, to find and take down all the highly dangerous criminals. Also discover who really is the Arkham Knight and why the fascination of killing Batman exists.

Darksiders III

Return to the Darksiders III universe, as you take control of Fury, sister of War and Death, as she is tasked to defeat & capture the Seven Deadly Sins. Use magic, melee combat and a range of hard hitting weapons, in a open world, souls inspired action adventure. Take on monsters of the underworld, explore a range of city, dungeon and damaged environments, while taking on an increasingly tricky set of bosses in the Seven Deadly Sins.

Both of these titles are available on the PS Store right now, for the month of September!