Home Games Battlefield V Releases It’s Battle Royale Mode Firestorm
Battlefield V Releases It’s Battle Royale Mode Firestorm

Battlefield V Releases It’s Battle Royale Mode Firestorm


The long awaited battle royale mode of Battlefield V, Firestorm, finally releases. From Monday March 25th you can fight across land, sea and air on Battlefield’s largest map in the series. Battle it out across destructible environments, packed with vehicles, guns and encircled by a deadly ring of fire that closes in on the map.

Play in a four man squad or go it alone to flush out the enemy in whatever way you can. Features include:

  • Battlefield Core Gameplay: Firestorm comes with Battlefield V’s core gunplay and destruction intact. But expect surprising changes that’ll shake-up battle royale as you know it.
  • Halvøy: This snow-covered peninsula draws the best soldiers into combat on the biggest Battlefield map ever.
  • Objectives: Play as a squad to secure Re-supply Points and Vehicle Lockups that are strewn across the map for a chance at wielding vehicles and gear from Firestorm’s most valuable stockpiles.
  • Combat Vehicles: Command an armory of devastating vehicles over land, air, and sea – including five new vehicles for Firestorm. If you want the power, you’ll have to take the risk and challenge other squads to be the first to unlock the best combat vehicles from Objectives.
  • Reinforcements: Part of Firestorm’s rare loot, call down Reinforcements like the V-1 Rocket, artillery strikes, and combat vehicles to wreak havoc on the battlefield. On the flipside, order supply drops to aid your squad in an instant.
  • Destruction: Firestorm brings true Battlefield destruction to the battle royale genre, making for unparalleled moments and unique tactical opportunities. No more camping in buildings when a V-1 rocket can blow your house in.

Battlefield V Firestorm is available from March 25th, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.