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‘Piece Of Me’ – Britney Spears – Track Of The Day

‘Piece Of Me’ – Britney Spears – Track Of The Day


I’m not sure everyone reading this will be quite as happy about the news that Britney Spears is returning to Dublin in August. It’s been 7 years since she’s done a concert and nearly 10 since I myself saw her in the Circus Tour in 2009. But I have been a Britney fan since that faithful day almost a decade ago when I saw the ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ video on TV and thought it was great a school age girl could make it big.

I’ve followed her through the more mediocre music in places, the lip-syncing scandals, the head shaving and children in the front seat incidents because her music has always been upbeat and mood altering. The lady behind it has, despite the fame and ups and downs, always seemed like that same energetic sweet girl from Louisiana that came to fame in 1998, and whether or not she has always sang live or not, she always knew how to put on a show.

Do You Want a Piece of Britney

Whether or not you agree with me, if you have any tolerance for pop music, I’m sure you’ve at least hip waggled when ‘Toxic’ or ‘Oops I Did it Again’ came on in a club. But my pick today isn’t one of the usual favourites, rather the title track of the Vegas Residency show that will be travelling and a song I like to listen to (aside from Tay Tay’s ‘Shake it Off’) when people are annoying me. On occasion they do, and although I’m not being followed by the paps in these scenarios, it feels good to sing along to this somewhat tame angry song. I also like to listen to ‘Do Somethin’ but that one is less known and the video is hilariously awful….