Home Games PlayStation’s Paris Games Week 2017 – PS4 Exclusives
PlayStation’s Paris Games Week 2017 – PS4 Exclusives

PlayStation’s Paris Games Week 2017 – PS4 Exclusives


Paris Games Week is taking place from November 1st – 5th, but PlayStation held it’s own PGW conference and it was certainly packed full of new game announcements, news and updates on some previously announced games. Below is the the full video of the pre-show and conference, as well as a breakdown of the PS4 exclusive games. We’ll have separate articles for  PS VR gamesIndie games and third party support.

Loco Roco 2 Remastered

Shown off at the pre-show, Loco Roco 2 Remastered got a new trailer and release date. It’s heading to PS4 December 9th 2017.


Announced originally at Paris Games Weekend in 2015, Invector is the music based game, featuring tunes from Avicii. It’s similar in style to Amplitude and Frequency, with slick, neon based vector design. No release date was given, but it certainly looks like it will scratch the itch if you are into music/rhythm games.

Ghost of Tsushima

First news for the much anticipated new title from Sucker Punch was announced at Paris Games Week. Ghost of Tsushima is and open world title, set in feudal Japan in 1274. You play as one of the last remaining samurai in the fight against an invading Mongol Empire. Sucker Punch have not been seen since the release of InFAMOUS: Second Son and it’s First Light expansion. It’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting concept. Keep an eye on the upcoming PlayStation Experience on December 9th to 11th, where you are likely to learn more about the new title.

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is an action adventure game about a boy called Ash who discovers he can bring his paintings to life. Concrete Genie is about having fun with paint. Create the artistic world with the DUALSHOCK 4 motion sensor function. It has a great looking art style and is set for release in 2018.


Erica is a new PlayLink game, where you decisions drive the game’s story. What’s different with this interactive experience, is that it is completely live action. Check out the trailer below to see more.


Marvel and Insomniac show off more Spider-Man action. It’s more of a story based trailer rather than solely focusing on gameplay, but if it nails world traversal smoothly, has fun combat and a strong story, Spider-Man is sure to be a superheroe lover’s dream game. It will release in 2018.

Detroit: Become Human

A new gameplay trailer involving Kara, a domestic helping android. The trailer showcases the different scenarios of a hot-headed father and daughter story thread. With a wide array of scenarios and story tree options, Detroit: Become Human is set to give players a very dynamic game, which looks like it will play out very differently throughout playthroughs. It’s set to release in 2018.

God of War

Kratos, an axe and heavy combat was shown off in the new God of War trailer. Santa Monica Studios certainly has created a fantastic looking game. God of War releases in early 2018.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Some more gameplay of The Frozen Wilds was shown off and snowy landscapes certainly look fantastic. The Horizon: Zero Dawn expansion releases November 7th 2017.

Shadow of The Colossus

We got to see some gameplay during the conference, which sees main character Wander and his horse companion Agro, travel through several environments. Some brief combat can be seen, with one of the colossi. It’s shaping up to be a solid remake. Also announced is the release date of February 6th 2018.

The Last Of Us Part II

The show ended with a new in-game cutscene for The Last of Us Part II. A dark and gritty look at the world of The Last of Us, it showcased some gorgeous lighting, animation and graphically power and included the introduction of four new characters. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it’s certainly shaping up to be an incredible looking game, that will no doubt include some hard edged story telling. No release date or window has been announced yet.

So what game are you excited for? Is there something that will have you enter the PlayStation space, if you haven’t already. Let us know in the comments below.