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5 Cheap & Easy DIY Costumes For Halloween

5 Cheap & Easy DIY Costumes For Halloween


The Sims Plumbob Hat

This is a very easy look to achieve, as you can wear whatever you like. Just add the plumbob hat and – ta da! – you’re a Sim. The following video is a tutorial on how to make it. You’ll need green card, glue, a black hair band and a piece of wire.

Upside Down Ice Cream

All you need for this costume is a white puffy dress (or any old white dress, really. Who says the ice cream can’t be melted?), some coloured felt, a string of elastic, glue and a piece of brown card. Cut out strips of coloured felt about a finger in length and glue them to your white dress. These are supposed to be sprinkles so give them a haphazard look. To make the ‘cone’ part of the costume, simply roll the card so that it looks like a cone, glue it or sellotape it down and thread an elastic string through two holes in the bottom. Done! Alternatively, you can purchase a paper hat that’s already made and paint it the tan colour you want. Easy!

Ceiling Fan

Probably the easiest option on this list, all you need is an old sweater or t-shirt and some black paint or a permanent marker. Write ‘GO CEILING!’ on your garment of choice and finish off the look with two black lines on either side of your cheek, like football fans going to see a game.

Bag of Jelly Beans

This costume is a bit of craic, but be prepared to lose all of your beans by the end of the night, as some joker may decide to pop them on you. Pop, you say? Why, yes, you didn’t think you’d be going as ACTUAL beans did you? This costume is beautiful in its simplicity; all you need is a transparent garbage bag and a multipack of balloons. Blow up the balloons about half-way (so they’re the shape of a jellybean rather than a ball). Once you’re satisfied with the amount, cut two holes in the transparent bag, step into it and fill up the space with the balloons. You may want to tighten the top so that the beans don’t escape, but make sure not to accidentally strangle yourself! Oh, and print off a Jelly Bean logo and stick it on top.

Glowing Stick Man

All you need for this look is a black top and black trousers, a piece of black card, some elastic string and glow in the dark tape. Using your tape, map out a stick figure on the clothing; a line down each arm and leg, one down the middle for the spine, etc. You know what a stick man looks like. Then cut a circle out of the card and make a circle with the tape as well. String the elastic through two holes in the side of the card, and you have your mask. Alternatively, you can tape glow sticks to your clothes instead, but tape is probably your best bet!

Check out this video to see how cool you could look if you go for this option:

What are you going as for halloween? Are you DIY-ing it? Let us know in the comments!