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COD: WWII Gamescom and BETA Impressions

COD: WWII Gamescom and BETA Impressions


Call of Duty: World War II had a major presence at this years Gamescom with one of the biggest booth areas and certainly one of the longest lines of dedicated fans, who wanted to check out the new multiplayer gameplay. I was lucky enough to grab a multiplayer session early in the day (thanks to the Lennart and Thomas from Danish site Pixel.tv). As the lobby filled with 12 combatants, we had a number of minutes to cycle through the available weapons and the newly added Divisions, which are COD: WWII’s version of classes, before entering a Team Deathmatch.

The match was based in a bombed town. It was small and tight, with players zig-zagging through buildings and streets. The game was fast-paced but well balanced. Having not checked out the more recent installments of the COD series, I certainly found it easy to pick up and play and there was less instant deaths compared to previous games such as Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops 2. The game ended when a team earned 75 points. The map does not feature in the BETA.

Next up we played two games of the new game mode ‘War’, one game on the attacking side and one of the defending side. War has a number of objectives that range from storming an enemy stronghold to planting a bomb on the enemies ammo supply, while the other team is tasked to defend from your attacks. It’s a fun mode, where I spent many more hours playing during the BETA

Sledgehammer Games are in charge of developer duties for this years installment, set during World War II. As you can imagine, the futuristic weapons and high tech gadgets are no more, instead opting for weaponry of the era and streamlined equipment. Classes are now separated into ‘Divisions’, each having their own skill, weapon breakdown and additional perks. A breakdown of the Divisions can be seen below.


Division Skill
Bayonet Charge
– Special training on the use of the Bayonet makes Infantry riflemen a threat at all ranges. While sprinting press R3 to activate.

Division Training
Infantryman III
– Two extra attachments on Primary Weapon
– One attachment on Secondary Weapon


Division Skill
Hides muzzle flash and prevents gunfire from appearing on enemy mini-maps but reduced range of weapon. To toggle press left d-pad.

Division Training
Pathfinder III
– Sprint for longer distance
– Increased sprint speed
– Climb over obstacles faster


Division Skill
Protect territory by mounting your machine gun Mount on ledges and while prone for less recoil. Press left d-pad to mount.

Division Training
Tanker III
– Rocket Launcher as Secondary Weapon
– Extra piece of equipment
– Throw equipment faster, farther & while sprinting


Division Skill
Block out the surroundings and in return acquire aim assist and enemy names. Activated holding breath with L3.

Division Training
Scout III
– Acquire enemy names from farther away
– Increased mini-map coverage
– Hidden to player-controlled streaks


Division Skill
Incendiary Shells
Shotgun rounds which spark flames that burn enemies to death. Press left d-pad to load shells.

Division Training
Sapper III
– Extra magazines
– Immune to shell shock and tactical equipment
– Take less explosive damage

Game Modes

Team Deathmatch

Standard team vs team deathmatch. Up to 6 players per team in the BETA. A fun mode with three maps to play on.


This mode is a capture the flag esque mode. There are three flags available to capture. The more flags you hold, the faster your point counter increases. The flags can be recaptured at any time during the match, thanks to an attack on the area.


Similar to Domination, Hardpoint sees you aim to take control of one point on the map. Every 30 seconds, the point will change across the map and teams will have to advance to the new area to earns points. The team with the most points will win the mode.

Mosh Pit

Mosh Pit is mode randomiser. It will give you one of the included game modes.


The newest game mode for COD: WWII sees you take turns as the either the attacking team or defending team, as you compete to complete objectives. A really fun mode that can last up to twelve minutes without extra time. Definitely a favourite mode of mine. Only one map included, called Operation Breakout, but I’m looking forward to playing more.

Final Impressions

I found the overall experience good, with progression and upgrades available at a steady rate. Weapons were good to handle and you could see an advantage in some weapons on certain maps. It was good to have the choice of Divisions to diversify the gameplay and I never felt outclassed. Strategy and knowledge of the map came over time, but I certainly enjoyed the BETA and will be checking out the game when it releases worldwide on November 3rd, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Want to play some private BETA for Call of Duty: World War II? The next round takes place this weekend from September 1st – September 4th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sign up via the COD: WWII website.