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‘Hungry Wolf’ – KiLLER KiNG – Track Of The Day

‘Hungry Wolf’ – KiLLER KiNG – Track Of The Day


KiLLER KiNG And B-Project

Surprise, surprise, Lucy’s wrote another track of the day about B-Project. Again. Wow, what a shocker, I’m sure no one saw this coming.

But to be fair, and in my own defence, it’s not THRIVE this time!

So July 19th marks the release date of both S-kyuu Paradise Black and White edition of B-Project‘s first album featuring all four groups that make up the idol band, and I couldn’t be more excited to get my copies in the post! Yes, ‘copies’ because clearly I just had to buy both versions. Whether I needed to buy both as special editions is more than questionable for my sanity and bank account to be honest, but I digress.

To tide me over until the release of the new albums, I’ve been binge listening to all four groups obsessively, and while all of KiLLER KiNG‘s songs are catchy and amazing, ‘Hungry Wolf’ is definitely one of my favourites!


The track will be featured on the White edition, along with 15 other tracks from the notorious idol band!