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Ita Bags – Gallery

In Japan, a big part of otaku or weeb culture are what’s know as ita bags. Honestly you’ll probably either love of hate them, but I absolutely love them! Whether it’s jam packed or maybe a you’re just starting out with collecting, all ita bags are an adorable and fun way to show your love […]

Top 5 Anime Idol Boys

Idol boys; they can sing, dance and act! What more could you possibly want in life? With idol anime and games as popular as ever, I thought I’d share my top five husbands- er, I mean favourite idol boys! In no particular order, lets get started! Tatsuhiro Nome This absolute cutie is a member of B-Project‘s group […]

AmiAmi: an Otaku’s Paradise – Geeky Goodies

With the arrival of the summer 2016 anime season, comes a plethora of new shows, and new shows always means new merch! This week we’re heading on over to the popular Japanese character and hobby store, AmiAmi! AmiAmi offer a huge selection of merchandise from practically any anime or manga imaginable, and all for the best […]