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Those Post Christmas Feels

Those Post Christmas Feels


Christmas is over, the new year is here and the irritating joyful spirit has finally ended for everyone

Well almost everyone. Okay so technically it doesn’t end until the 6th on the epiphany (aka Little Christmas) but it’s still winding down. For me however, I just wasn’t feeling it this year. No matter how many songs I played or specials I watched I just couldn’t get into the Yuletide state of mind.


It’s not my fault. I tried. But this year just didn’t grab it for me like others. I wasn’t Grinchy, I just wasn’t very jolly. But strangely enough, I’m starting to feel a lit more festive now for Little Christmas than on actual Christmas. Here’s how I’m enjoying this season of “Post Christmas”.


No, not Christmas post. Post Christmas.

Ah well, suit yourself. Here’s what I like about this time of year.

Enjoying Your Own Food

So there’s many of us who went to friends and relatives houses and gorged ourselves silly.

We also over indulged on the crap we have in our own house.

But now that it’s out of our system, we can take our time and savour our savories.

It makes them all the more sweet.

Non Christmas-Christmas movies

Along with the holiday films there are those which have nothing to do with Christmas yet are shown every year. They are a lot more fun to watch in January as they help keep the spirit alive in an indirect way.

So whether it’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


School of Rock


Or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the late Gene Wilder.

You now have time to enjoy these classics. Which brings me to the most important part:

You Can Choose The When, Where and Who With

This is the only time of the festive season where you don’t have to care about anyone else.


You don’t have to tolerate family members.


Worry about what to buy who and for how much.

Or even pretend to be happy.

You can just relax by yourself with all your leftover chocolate money

And have a bunch of friends around if you want.


As long as you get to do things your way in your own time while still maintaining the seasonal atmosphere. As I said in my last Christmas gif essay, tis not the season for everyone

But if you’re like me and did not get too much pleasure out of the day itself, there’s still a few little things you can do to make the rest of the week a little bit more special.

So Merry Little Christmas