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I’ve been trying to cut down my pull list every week, but there are some very promising issues out right now so my purse is not having a good time. It’s always pretty sickening when you take a chance on a new series and it’s nothing but a disappointment, but I’ve picked up three new series and read them so you don’t have to!

If you want to find out which bullets to dodge, read on!

Knight Guardians of Relativity

comicphilesI didn’t know anything about this series when I picked it up, but overall I thought it was a fairly good first issue. From the talents of Titan1Studios, Knight Guardians of Relativity is a sci fi story set in the future about a group of people responsible for keeping the time line intact.

After a brutal war, time travel has been banned and the last time device called the Relativity Machine is being guarded by a mysterious band of men and women called the Knight Guardians. They must prevent anyone from using temporal travel to keep the world safe, but not only is one of the Guardians, Aaran Seth, murdered, but the threat of war has arisen once again.

Overall, it’s a fairly typical kind of story but I’m excited to see more of the characters, two of which are particularly interesting. If you’re looking for a sci fi/ mystery story with great art and good characters, this may be the comic for you.

Masked Anomalies

A veteran called Frank returns home to Paris and is soon caught up in weird happenings with machine-like things comicphilescalled anomalies, which are continuously evolving and shapeshifting into increasingly complex organisms, and have even started mimicking human characteristics.

Nobody knows where these things have come from or why they are here, but Frank is apparently connected to their origins in an as of yet unknown way. Overall, I just couldn’t bring myself to care about this story. The whole issue was just a cluster of re-hashed clichés and ideas that have all been done before. Honestly, it was boring.

I’ve never given up halfway through a first issue, but this was a close one. There wasn’t a single thing about it that I liked; the art was average (except the lovely cover art), the dialogue was cheesy and the plot was pretty much non-existent.

This one is a total dud in my opinion; there’s plenty of other fantastic comics out there that you should spend your money on instead. I certainly won’t be picking up issue two.

Motor Crush

comicphilesI’ve wanted to read this comic ever since I saw an article about 2017’s most anticipated comics. The image of the original promo image was of a gorgeous black girl on a motorcycle looking all kinds of badass, and I have to say that the story totally lived up to my expectations.

The tale follows Domino, an up and coming race track star, as she works at her formerly famous father’s mechanic store and balances a life of racing in legitimate competitions and the violent, extremely dangerous races that happen at night.

Unfortunately, despite her immense talent, she’s addicted to a drug called ‘crush’ and will go to incredibly risky lengths to keep her stash and make sure that nobody finds out about it. It’s only issue 1, and you can already see how complex a character she is. Although there are some good supporting characters, it’s Domino that shines and she’s more than capable of steering this comic all by herself.

The creative team previously behind Batgirl are responsible for this great issue, so any fan of Batgirl will feel right at home flipping through these pages. This is a solid first issue with dynamic art and beautiful colours used throughout. This is definitely the best of the three (not that it was much of a contest!) so pick it up next time you’re in your local comic store.

What have you been reading this week? Let us know in the comments below!