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It is the spookiest time of year and we all know what that means. We are overdosing on sugar, horror and gore left right and centre. Anime may come off as cute and sweet sometimes, usually always on the surface but it can be even more brutal than some live action series and films. Why is this? I would think it is because clearly being an animation it can get away with a lot more than the live action counterparts. You can pretty much guarantee that if you are to die in one of these anime series you are going to have one gore filled and violent experience.

So today we take a look at some of the most horrific and goriest deaths that anime has to offer. These deaths do not need to be from horror anime but we all know some of the best are in that genre. Usually disclaimer here that these are my choices for the worst of anime deaths, feel I missed something? Let us know in the comments!

#3 Elfen Lied

indexIf you have ever seen Elfen Lied will know that it is cram packed full of blood stained gore. From that very first scene to Lucy’s last kill there are so many deaths that we could name especially of characters we genuinely got to know. The rule of the anime is never get close to characters because if you do they will more than likely be dead within a few episodes.

If I had to name a death from the series I would choose the childhood train scene where we finally see the memories that have haunted Kouta all these years. We see why he is the way he is, we always knew throughout the series that the death of his sister has a massive traumatic effect on him. We also finally find the connection between him and Lucy or Nyu. Kouta takes a train with his father and sister Kanae who is then brutally murdered by being ripped in two by Lucy after trying to protect Kouta and after their father is also butchered. It’s a shock that Kouta even grew up with any sanity.

#2 Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate

hellIt would be a true shock if this series as a whole did not make a Halloween anime list (yes it is also on the anime to watch this Halloween) since it has some of the best horror and gore aspects. Like with Elfen Lied there are so many deaths in this series that truly deserve a mention since they all usually end with a large pool of blood and a missing body part, or two or all in some cases.

Toward the end of the series there are some majorly gorey and horrific death scenes but in my opinion the best one comes in the middle of the season. After the Valentine brothers invade the Hellsing Organisation causing mayhem, while his brother causes chaos in the main building Luke goes off in search of the Hellsing secret weapon Alucard. Luke taunts and goads Alucard into a fight making him think Luke is a powerful vampire. Needless to say Alucard destroys him breaking and amputating limbs as he goes. Depending on the version you watch then this death only gets deadlier.

#1 School Days

The without a doubt scariest death that I have personally ever seen in an anime and makes me thankful I have indexfjisno connections to any harems (I hope) or yanderes. For anyone who has not seen this anime it is actually worth watching being a slice of life anime which makes this brutal death even more deadly although other horrible things happen in the anime this was the most shocking. The fact that these are normal people, not fantasy beings or possess super powers but regular school goers who just want to be in love in peace.

After discovering Makoto has been seeing another girl Sekai arranges to speak with him at his apartment but things do not go that way. She attacks and brutally stabs Makoto to death as scenes of their happy times pop on screen as flashbacks. This was a brutal killing but not the particular death that was most disturbing. Sekai goes to the school after receiving a text supposedly from Makoto only to meet another member of the harem presents her with Makoto’s severed head and then slits her throat. Following her death there is more information but I cannot spoil just how disturbing the conclusion of this anime is.

Happy Halloween!