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Mega Satan (The Binding of Isaac Rebirth) – Boss Rush

Mega Satan (The Binding of Isaac Rebirth) – Boss Rush


Yes, you saw right. There’s actually a boss called “Mega Satan” in this game. Isn’t that awesome?!

I have a complicated relationship with The Binding of Isaac. I love and hate that game. It has given me countless hours of fun (to be honest I can count them thanks to Steam: 81 of the original, 192 of the remake) but I hate it because of how frustratingly difficult it gets. But it’s part of the appeal, sometimes you will just get shit items during a run and you have to make the most of it.

You could write about any boss of this game because of the sheer amount it has. Originally this article was going to deal with the Boss Rush mode, but then I thought “This game has a boss called ‘Mega Satan’ so write about that one!” and I put that one in the back burner, for now.

But there’s more to Mega Satan than a ridiculously cool name, so I will talk about that. Unfortunately, I only have this screenshot below. This isn’t the kind of game where you can relax and take screenshots.

Mega Satan

How Do You Get To Him?

Mega Satan is special because it’s difficult to unlock .When you get to The Chest or The Dark Room (depends on the item you get after killing Mom) you will see a huge, golden door but you can’t really do anything with it. At least until you kill the respective boss at least once.

After that, it’s just a gamble. Sometimes after defeating a regular boss you will get either an Angel Room or a Devil Room. The Angel Rooms are what we need for Mega Satan. They have an Angel statue and if you put a bomb near it then you will trigger a boss fight.

When you defeat the angel it will drop one of two key pieces. That means that if you’re doing a run just to face Mega Satan and you only get to do this once you’re out of luck. So you need to defeat both angels (Uriel and Gabriel, according to the Wiki) or you could have some special pickup that will open the door, like Dad’s Key.

Anyway, as soon as you get to The Chest or the Dark Room, that door will open, and you will find Mega Satan behind. And if you think he might share similarities with Satan, he really doesn’t.

“How Do I Kill That?!”

Mega Satan doesn’t have a health bar. You just have to keep dodging everything while you attack both his face and hands. He shoots projectiles with little space between them, do a special Brimstone attack at you, and throw rocks at you.

After you deal enough damage to him, he will withdraw and summon the Four Horsemen. Fortunately, he will send them in pairs so they’re manageable. At this point Mega Satan is just in the background lurking, and if you take enough time to deal with these enemies he’ll summon more bosses.

And this won’t be the last time he does this, he will also summon the Super versions of the Seven Sins. Super Envy will go first, then Super Lust and Super Wrath and lastly, he will send Super Gluttony, Super Sloth, Super Greed and Super Pride together. But he won’t stop there, the third time he withdraws he will summon dark versions of Uriel and Gabriel, though you fight this one to one.

After you deal enough time to him, his face will start to break, and you will think you’re done. But you have another thing coming. Mega Satan will turn into a skull, and while it doesn’t have hands or summon monsters anymore. But Mega Satan will take you to Mega Bullet Hell, because his firing patterns change completely and are more frequent.

However, in time you will get him, and also get the 16th ending this game has. You will also unlock special babies for co-op mode depending on whose character you used.

If you have any interest to see this battle in action then you can see it here. It finishes at 2:27 in case you don’t want to see what happens in ending 17.