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Pokémon Wedding – Gallery

Pokémon Wedding – Gallery


If you think you’ve found the cutest thing on the internet today then think again! Reddit user, grasshopper7891 has shared pictures from his recent Pokémon wedding and they are absolutely adorable!

Matching pokéball bow ties, bridesmaid dresses and even a pokéball inspired cake to boot, the wedding was every trainer’s dream. The couple also gave their guests the chance to pose with some of their favourite Pokémon while their cake was topped with an Eevee and Gengar.

Dream Wedding

Writing about their perfect day, the reddit user said:

“Yea[sic] Pokémon has always been a game we could play together, and we are really big fans. We got to visit Tokyo back in November. We spent way too much time and money at the Pokémon Center there; it was like visiting our gaming Mecca, lol.”

You can check out their spectacular wedding photos below! We’d like to wish the couple many happy years together, catching, training and playing Pokémon!