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Six Sizzling Scorched Stages

Six Sizzling Scorched Stages


Ah, the promise of Summer! Warm, sunny days in May that will inevitably be taken away from us as soon as we stock up on the sunscreen. If it’s still not hot enough for you though and you want to get the feeling of almost being burnt to a crisp, here are six super hot video game levels guaranteed to get you hot under the collar.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Fire Temple

There were many to choose from the Zelda franchise so we’ll have to go with this classic from Ocarina of Time.


Found deep in the Death Mountain Crater, the Fire Temple is home to an ancient dragon, Volvagia (the main boss of this level). It is filled with several lava pits, bridges and platforms over magma and a maze made from walls of fire.

Sun Protection Factor: Practically the centre of the Earth! If you’re here, you’re dead!

Left 4 Dead 2 – Dead Center: Hotel

You start the game on the roof of ‘The Vannah’ hotel, an evacuation center that is now overwhelmed with zombies. Playing as one of the four survivors, you have to make your way through the burning building and get to the safe room on the ground floor, while fighting the infected.

During this level, you must take an elevator down to the bottom floor, while the hotel erupts in a blazing inferno. Now I’m no fire safety expert but I’m pretty sure that that is a HUGE violation of health and safety laws.

Sun Protection Factor: Holiday from hell!

New Super Mario Bros – World 8-6

Like the Zelda franchise,Mario has a huge variety of fire and lava levels. This particular one takes place inside a volcano in the second part of World 8. As Mario, you have to scale the volcano before the lava scales it and scales you and by scales you I of course mean melts your skin and bones off!

New Super Mario Bros - World 8-6

Sun Protection Factor: Seriously Nintendo?! Volcanoes are dangerous!

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – The Chateau

After just escaping a swarm of spiders (no big deal), Nate and Sully now have to make their way out of a burning chateau.

Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception - The Chateau

That’s not all though, they have to fight Talbot’s men, and after set amounts of time the uppermost and first floor will collapse, killing the player if they are caught on either floor.

Sun Protection Factor: Burnt to the ground!

Sonic the Hedgehog – Marble Zone

The second zone in the original game is an underground complex filled with boiling lava pools, magma flows, and platforms that burn as soon as you step on them. At the end of Act 3, you face off against Dr. Robotnik while he shoots fireballs at you.

During the fight you must also jump between two platforms that combust as soon as Sonic stands on them.

Sun Protection Factor: Roast hedgehog anyone?

Final Fantasy VIII – Fire Cavern

Located east of Balamb Town, the Fire Cavern is the home of many fire-elemental monsters including Ifrit. Its depths are filled with magma and there is only a small path that you can travel across. At the back of the cavern, there is a lava pond where Ifrit dwells.

This is the first location visited in the game, serving as the tutorial.

Final Fantasy VIII (2)Final Fantasy VIII

Sun Protection Factor: Emo levels of shade y’all!

Let us know what you’re favourite fire levels are! Are you more inclined towards Mt. Chimney or Eldin Volcano?

[Words by Luka Costello]